Legends of Chima, animated series, LEGO/Picture This Animation, Episodic Director

Exodus, TV Pilot, Digital Artist

We Few, Short film, Director

Iron Sky, Feature film, Energia Productions, CG Supervisor

Exit Strategy, TV Pilot/Feature, Pixomondo, Digital Artist

Renee, Feature film, Two Streets Productions, VFX Supervisor  

Star Wars The Clone Wars, TV Series, CG Supervisor

Quest for Crime, Short, Director

Dragons Treasure, Large format Casino Feature, FX Lead

Tofu The Vegan Zombie, Animated Short, Director    

Trenches, 13 webisodes, X-ile Pictures, VFX Supervisor

Tales of the New Republic, Teaser Trailer, Project Lead

Star Trek: New Voyages, Web episode, Crawley Entertainment, VFX Supervisor

Creepers, Animated Short, Lyons Entertainment, Animation Director  

Special Delivery, Short film, Director  

Teddy Scares, Animated Short, Applehead Factory

MechWarrior: Age of Destruction, Short film, Director

NASA SEALS, Short film, VFX Supervisor    

The New Captain Scarlet, Anderson Entertainment, CG Supervisor 

Serenity, Feature Film, Universal

Battlestar Galactica, Season 1, USA/Sci Fi Channel, CG Supervisor

The Robinsons, Lost In Space, Pilot, Fox/WB

Battlestar Galactica, Mini Series, USA/Sci Fi Channel, CG Supervisor

NYPD 2069, TV Pilot, 20th Century Fox

Sketchers, TV Commercial, Sketchers Shoes

Star Trek: Voyager, Theme Park Attraction, Paramount

The Thing, Video Game

Points of Authority, Music Video, Linkin Park

Firefly, TV Series, 20th Century Fox  

Armageddon Special Effects, Theme Park Attraction, Disneyland Paris

The Extreme Team, TV Pilot, ABC

Superfire, TV Movie, ABC  

Legend of Zu, Feature film, China Star

Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future, TV Series, Dan Dare Corp.

Star Trek: Voyager, TV Series, Paramont

Twisted Metal Black, Video Game Cinematics, Sony

Star Patrol, TV Pilot, 20th Century Fox

I Am Sci Fi - Kevin Garnett, Channel Promotion, Sci Fi Channel

Star Trek: The Motion Picture, DVD Movie Director's Edition, Paramount

Roughnecks: The Starship Trooper Chronicals, TV Series, Sony

Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming, Promo/Trailer, Su-Shann Productions

F-Zero-X, TV Commercial, Nintendo

Space Ghost - Coast to Coast, TV Series, Cartoon Network

Drawing Down the Moon, Direct to Video film, Chaos Entertainment

First Encounter, Direct to Video film

New Genesis: Twilight of the Dogs, Direct to Video film


2012 Picture This Animation, Thailand

2011 Energia Productions, Finland

2011 Pixomondo, Los Angeles

2011 Two Streets Entertainment, Orlando

2008 - 2010, Lucasfilm Animation, Singapore

2008 Amalgamated Pixels

2005 - 2007 Digital Animation and Visual Effects School, Orlando, FL

2005 Anderson Entertainment, Pinewood Studios, UK

2002 - 2005 Zoic Studios, Culver City, CA

2002 Radium, Santa Monica, CA

2001 - 2002 Threshold Digital, Santa Monica, CA

1999 - 2001 Foundation Imaging, Valencia, CA

- 1999 Digital EFX


Maya, Modo, Lightwave 3D, Boujou, Realflow, Mari

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premier

Nuke, Final Cut, Corel Draw, PhotoPaint

plus many others too numerous to list.