Exit Strategy


Project Lead, Animation, Lighting and Compositing


Masten Space

Project Lead, Model, Texture, Animation, Lighting and Compositing


The New Captain Scarlet, Anderson Entertainment

CG Supervisor, Animation, Lighting and Compositing



CG Supervisor, Modeling, Textures, Animation and Lighting










NYPD 2069, TV Pilot, 20th Century Fox

Digital Matte Paining

 Full Resolution Image:     

Points of Authority, Music Video, Linkin Park


Modeling, Textures, Animation, Lighting and Compositing





Superfire, TV Movie, ABC

Animation, Lighting, FX and Compositing





I Am Sci Fi - Kevin Garnett, Channel Promotion, Sci Fi Channel




Other Projects





Note: The images posted here contain work produced by myself and with the help of many others.  Very rarely does a project allow one person to complete all of the tasks needed for a finished shot.  I have tried to make it very clear what my role was within each image, however if you would like further details, please feel free to email me.